It's no secret - hotels are my home away from home. There are months where I am in a hotel more than my own bed so I notice little things here and there certain thing that really stand out. These subtle differences make sleeping in a strange place feel not so strange.

1. Color - Enough of the white on white already! Don't get me wrong, I love the white fluffy comforters but all you have to do is throw a splash of color with a pillow or even on the wall and I'm sold.

2. Knick Knacks - I love decorating my room back home with fun little trinkets so when a hotel does it too it makes all the difference. 

3. Patterns - Trendy patterned wall paper in the bathroom or even on a throw pillow or two takes the bland out of the room. Many times the hotels I stay in all look the same but when you throw a fun pattern on the desk chair it makes it feel a bit more like a home.

4. The View - Some days (like today) I use my layovers to catch up on work and rest. I love to explore new cities but sometimes I need to stay in and sleep, workout, and blog. So when I can look out of my big window and see the beautiful city it makes the times I need to stay in more enjoyable. 

5. Pictures - I'm not just talking about the abstract, generic pictures on the wall - I mean give me something fun and interesting to look at and make me smile. 

6. Coffee maker - This just makes sense to me and when there is a Keurig I get a little extra excited.

7. Outlet plug in the lamp - When I come into the hotel either super late or super early, my phone is almost dead and I just want to crash. Having the outlet in the lamp next to the bed makes it easy to plug my phone in and go to sleep right away. 

8. A good gym - I travel too much to have a gym membership so the only gym time I get is at the hotel. Sometimes I am super excited to get in the gym and sometimes I'm tired and I'm just not feeling it. The gym doesn't have to be elaborate but having a nice gym with all of the equipment I need is motivating after a long day. 

9. A place for my suitcase - I am in and out of hotels in just a few hours sometimes so I don't ever unpack. When I have a little stand to put my suitcase on it makes getting in and out of it much easier and convenient. 

10. Robes - It is rare I have a robe in my room but when I do -- heaven.

BONUS: Good food!

Keep an eye out for these hotel game changers on your next stay!

Rachel FenimoreComment