the question that cannot be answered.

When I was a little girl I was curious about everything and not much has changed. I would go to my friends saying, “Did you know there is a question that can never be answered?” Usually that question was followed by curious eyes or blank faces. “It’s the question ‘Why’?” Growing up my grandpa would tell me something and I would respond with “Why?!” He would answer my question, but again I would respond with “Why?!” After about 10 why’s he would look at me with frustration and respond, “Nothing why!” I would smile because no one could answer my question. 

But why? Why can no one answer the question why? The statement used to answer the question why can always be followed by another why, which can present an extremely frustrating situation for those of us who are particularly curious. 

I begin my usual walk on Sunday afternoon. About halfway through I decide to sit along the edge of the pond in the middle of my neighborhood and rest. Not because I was tired from walking, but to rest from busy, ordinary, routine, apathy, disappointment, frustration - life. My eyes are soon drawn to a beautiful plant by my foot. I simply think to myself, “Oh how pretty,” and continue to allow my eyes to wander. Then that question pops up: Why? Why is this plant so beautiful? Like a child, I dig until I find an answer. So that is literally what I do. I dig up the plant only to find a disgusting root. Not a surprise since I am quite aware that plants have roots, but I continue to dig into the mind of God. Why? Why is this root disgusting? It is covered in dirt, hidden, and possibly one of the most unattractive elements of nature, yet it is the one thing that produces everything beautiful we see. 

Faith. God simply responds with the word Faith. I often wonder how I can come up with such complex questions and God can respond with one word. Of course I am not satisfied with this simply answer. Faith? Why? Why Faith? Then it begins to come together.

If everything in life was beautiful, if every aspect of us was beautiful - what would be the purpose of Faith? Why would we need Faith? There is a reason why we lack in some areas, why good and bad things happen to us, and why we have struggles. If we did not, why would we need God? If I understood everything, Faith would be unnecessary and actually non existent. We would have nothing to believe in - no hope. We would have nothing bigger than ourselves to reach toward.

That is why God invented this unanswerable question. It constantly gives us something to follow, to seek. We will always be able to ask the question why and at times He will answer and then we will wonder about something else. I believe that is why he created the universe so vast and the ocean so deep. We will always be curious and always seek in order to pull closer to the heart of God. “Seek Me and you will find Me when you seek Me with all of your heart.” We will find God, but that question why is there to keep us seeking - to keep us searching. God loves when we long for Him. We must recognize we have something lacking in our life and we must trust Him to fill it - and there will always be something. "I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world." But in this journey of life, never loose sight of the question. Keep asking. Keep searching. Draw near to God. Do not hold on to your life and try to figure it out on your own. It will never work. Have Faith and trust the One who created you. 

Realize like that plant, the most beautiful aspects of your life usually come from something seemingly insignificant and ugly. If our beauty came from a problem it had to be God who intervened. This search is evident in nature - a plant constantly supplied with everything it needs right when it needs it has an extremely shallow root system. But a plant that must search deep into the ground to find what it needs has a thick, deep root system. Our strength comes from our lack. In order for us to become stronger, we must strive for what we need.

Talk to Him today. Ask Him a few questions. You will never have all of the answers but that is the point where you realize what an amazing God we serve. Your finite mind cannot even conceive everything about Him. Why? Faith. Trust. We have to understand we cannot be in control and we cannot answer all the questions. We were not meant to have all of the answers. Why? 

Because He is God. 

Rachel FenimoreComment