don't be frustrated. be faithful.

Have you ever felt stuck waiting on God? Waiting on Him to move, change someones heart, change your own heart, change a situation, open a door, close a door, provide an opportunity…I could go on. Today I am reminded of Exodus, adversity, and the glory of God. 

Exodus 7:1-5

“Then the Lord said to Moses, “See, I have made you like God to Pharaoh, and your brother Aaron will be your prophet. You are to say everything I command you, and your brother Aaron is to tell Pharaoh to let the Israelites go out of his country. But I will harden Pharaoh’s heart, and though I multiply my signs and wonders in Egypt, he will not listen to you. Then I will lay my hand on Egypt and with mighty acts of judgment I will bring out my divisions, my people the Israelites. And the Egyptians will know that I am the Lord when I stretch out my hand against Egypt and bring the Israelites out of it.”

Moses really had a play by play from God, something I wish I had so many times. The Lord tells him “just say what I tell you, Pharaoh won’t corporate but I will shake everything up so everyone will see my glory and then you all can go.” Sounds simple enough.

As I read this I can’t help but think of my own life. How many times have I read about the promises of God but my circumstances are not lining up? I am praying, reading the Word, receiving counsel but doors are closing, people are not cooperating, and I am not receiving the promise of the Lord or the answer to my prayers. As I let my frustration, impatience, and hurt sink in I hear the Lord speak:

Sometimes I hold situations back and I hold peoples tongues to make way for my glory, perfect plan, and goodness in your life. I am protecting you and providing for you. This will reflect my glory in your life more than you can imagine. Do you see it? Do you perceive it? See, I am doing a NEW thing. Don’t be frustrated. Be faithful.

Just because I don’t see the fulfillment of all of God’s promises at my ripe old age of 28 doesn’t mean for a second He won’t fulfill His promises to completion in my life. Just because doors close doesn’t mean God isn’t in the process of opening another. I am humbled today and reminded I don’t have all of the answers. Just because I ask the Lord to do something specific in my life does not mean what I am asking is HIS plan, no matter how Biblical and perfect it may seem to me. 

This is not to discount my prayers or tell you not to pray for specific situations and certain people, just remember even when those things don’t come through the way you thought they should, it could be the Lord holding something back, hardening someones heart, closing doors so that HIS perfect plan and glory be accomplished in your life. It hurts. It really hurts. Sometimes you feel overlooked, unwanted, unworthy; surely this isn’t the plan of the Lord, it hurts too bad. What if your hurt is protection from something even more severe? What if your hurt is preparing you to accept the perfect gift coming your way? What if your hurt is an avenue for the glory of God to shine through you even brighter? 

I can’t think of a situation yet where I have seen the Lord’s faithfulness where I can say I wish He would have done it differently or my plan was better and yet I still sit here frustrated with the waiting, with the unknown. I am here trusting my unknown future to a known God and while I know this is the most perfect place to put my trust I still feel like my world is falling apart. Even through my tears I reluctantly turn my uncertainty back to the Lord, He still comforts me and is abundantly faithful. 

Rachel Fenimore